Conflict in America: Children Separated From Their Families Sparks Ongoing Immigration Debate

In the past two months, under the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy, the government has taken some two thousand immigrant children away from their parents. Photograph by John Moore / Getty (The New Yorker magazine)


Stories of children separated from their families is heart-breaking enough in conflicts around the world, but this time, it’s happening right here in America.

And it gets worse. There is a plethora of first-hand reporting and interviews of the trauma and terrible incidents taking place in US-funded centers for immigrant children, such as forcing children to take drugs. See video below.



While I typically don’t write about conflicts in America, I can’t help but feel that the immigration debate has turned into one of the messiest conflicts in this country. Like so many Americans, I’m overwhelmed with the true stories of families affected by this crisis and the political drama.

Here are a few stories that are worth reading: 

The chaotic effort to reunite children with their parents in The Washington Post

One man’s story of working inside a detention facility – he was so horrified that he quit

A broken immigration system in USA Today

Children of immigrants in The New York Times

The impact of deportation – an older article that is relevant today from The Center for American Progress





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