A Shooting in San Bruno Raises Questions About Safety in America

On Tuesday afternoon, a shooting in San Bruno, California is raising questions about safety in America. Again, an active shooter is at large and has proven how easy it is to perpetrate a deadly attack against a civilian target. This time, around lunchtime, the attacker gunned down several people at 901 Cheery Avenue, the address of the YouTube office. 

It’s too early to tell who is responsible. The good news is that authorities are at the scene of the crime and will find a suspect soon enough.

And once the shooter is detained or killed, then what?

Will there be more protests across America to oppose the existing gun laws? Will there be Presidential action taken to prevent random shooting incidents like this one?

Probably not. And that’s the bad news.

America is no longer safe. 

This is a developing story. To learn more, click here.



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