How Many Innocent Civilians Are Killed By Drones Every Month?

More civilians are being killed by drones than ever before. Often, we don't see the faces or know the names of the dead. Neither do the drone operators. Which is why many have stopped caring about "the casualties of war." Because we have simply accepted that innocent people will die in war. Or agree that terrorists are to blame for hiding among civilian populations--as if innocent people should be … [Read more...]

The Violence in Myanmar And The Growing Silence Of Aung San Suu Kyi

Millions of Muslims have been forced out of their homes, and the world is still waiting for Aung San Suu Kyi to help end the military operations against Myanmar’s Rohingya minority. Among those who oppose Suu Kyi is Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the veteran South African Anglican leader and fellow recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. But it’s not certain that even a reputed leader will have much impact … [Read more...]

September 11 Attacks, A Day of Remembrance And Lessons Learned

For many Americans, the evil attacks on September 11, 2001 was a day of unforgettable grief. On that day, I was at one of the largest U.S. military bases, and as the only Muslim female officer, I worked around the clock to help piece together the ugly events. There was grief at the shedding of innocents' blood in the attacks of September 11 and over the death of more innocents in the war that … [Read more...]

A Love Affair With Kashmir, The Forever Conflict

  I did not plan to fall in love with Kashmir, the forever conflict, or its people. When I visited Wonderland, I could not have predicted the profound effect it would have on the way I would see and understand a protracted conflict: the spoils of war; the senseless violence; the widows and families left behind; and the endless political quagmire.  Over the past year, since the release of … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Live Fearlessly In An Age of Terrorism

We live in unpredictable times and many people I've met are struck by anxiety and fear of not knowing when the next attack will take place, which is why I have given lectures on how to live fearlessly in an age of terrorism to general audiences. Fear is a terrible feeling. When we're scared, we can’t move forward and get stuck in that moment for a very long time. That’s what happens when you’re … [Read more...]

The Afterlife Is Not For Insurgents Firing At Women and Children

  She clutched her nine-millimeter weapon as insurgents fired into the house of women and children. A team of U.S. soldiers and Special Forces operators, including a woman who I’ll call Lisa, engaged in one of the worst firefights that took place in the blue-white mountains of Afghanistan. Trapped by intense hostile fire, U.S. forces fought off a local Afghan insurgent group named … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Why American Muslim Women Should Celebrate This Fourth of July

  It's a gift to be an American Muslim woman and at least 9 reasons to celebrate this Fourth of July. Even when the politics are numbing and nasty. Even in an age of terrorism and rising attacks against Muslim women in America. Despite the ugliness, there is still greatness to be celebrated. Because let's be honest. In many Muslim countries, the freedoms that America offers Muslim … [Read more...]

Glorious Books of Summer That Take You Through To Labor Day

The must-read books of summer that will take you through to Labor Day will engage, educate and enlighten you. This summer, I've come across stories of heroic Muslim women, our America's founding fathers view of Islam, and a book on happiness. As I write this, I am on the beach with one or more books, jotting down notes, and circling clever phrases. In this selection, you will find books that … [Read more...]

A Special Eid Mubarak And How To Keep The Spirit of Ramadan Alive

The coming of Eid al-Fitr is a special time for Muslims everywhere, and although it means the end of Ramadan, the spirit of Ramadan can be kept alive by choosing to stay connected  to the Universe. After a month of soul-and-body cleansing rituals, Muslims are stronger. Spiritually. During the holy month, Muslims fasted, prayed more, and many gave more of their time and wealth to charity.  For … [Read more...]

3 Simple Rules On How To Be A Great Terrorism Analyst

A terrorism analyst is one of the most challenging careers and there is so much I had to learn. After years of experience, I learned a few key tips that helped me cope with stress and manage my time.    When I started, I knew that the life of a terrorism analyst is far from glamorous.  In the early part of my career in the U.S. Government, I had to prove that I could be a great … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why the Conflict in Kashmir Should Not Be Ignored by Anyone

The Kashmir conflict has raged on for more than 70 years and cost thousands of lives as well as put the entire South Asia at risk of war, which is why the conflict in Kashmir should not ignored by anyone. The conflict in the valley of Kashmir is a human tragedy. Nuclear-armed countries India and Pakistan have proven incapable of finding a viable political solution to an ancient conflict. And … [Read more...]

How To Think Like A Terrorist And Take Preventive Measures

We live in the worst of times. We  know that ISIS is capable of another major attack which means more victims and violence. And that's exactly what happened in Manchester, London and Tehran earlier this month.   The bad news is that there will be more attacks. This is why gaining access to the 'the operational nugget' is critical.  I remember using that word way back when I was in the U.S. … [Read more...]

The Ongoing Debate: Should Muslims Do More To Stop Terrorist Attacks?

After the horrific attack in Manchester, local residents were asked to discuss their views on whether Muslims should do more to stop future terrorist attacks. This is an uncomfortable question for most Muslims because there is great disagreement on the answer. The two opinions are as follows: Some Muslims believe that they had nothing to do with the attacks in Manchester or anywhere else. Why … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why ISIS Conducted Dual Terrorist Attacks in Iran

This morning, two terrorist attacks hit the capital city of Iran and ISIS claimed responsibility. The attacks, which took place at the Parliament building and at the mausoleum of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, proves that ISIS is reaching beyond traditional targets to strike fear everywhere. Why Iran? First, a few quick observations: Iran is the largest … [Read more...]

Is America The Next Target for a Terrorist Attack?

We live in a time when a terrorist attack in the United States seems real following the crazy incidents in London and Manchester. For the first time in "terrorism history," attackers have learned that they don't need sophisticated training or big bombs to strike fear in a capital city. Terrorists just need a motive and the means to kill innocent people.  The means is easy. Over the past six … [Read more...]