The Revolutionary Who Changed Me

The Revolutionary I am convinced that one teacher can change the life of a student forever. We met in class at a private Methodist college, Southwestern University, set in small-town America with a candle factory, vintage shops and one main grocery store. In 1993, I chose to take a class on Latin America, a region of the world I still know nothing about except for the location of Brazil and … [Read more...]

A Youth Director Tells Me It’s Easy To Join ISIS

Ignorance is not a gift. On a trip to Colorado, in the pristine city of Denver, I discovered a community of Somali youth who did not know (or understand) Islam. One afternoon, I sat down with Mahad, the youth director, to learn about his community, their concerns, and his practice of Islam. It is easy to join ISIS here. I nearly dropped my jaw. But I didn't react. I didn't want to show the … [Read more...]

3 Things I Have Learned From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Once, I visited Martin Luther King Jr.'s church in Montgomery, Alabama. It humbled me in so many ways. Over the years, I've read and listened to Dr. King's speeches. I've collected books about him and continue to watch movies that mention the historic civil rights movement. (The Butler is a moving story about the civil rights movement told through a White House butler.) So many people today … [Read more...]

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