The Arab Youth Who Do Not Belong To The Happy Gulf Country

Dubai is a dazzling city of high-rise buildings, massive shopping centers, and night clubs set in the sands of the Arabian desert. But behind the glitter and glamor is a sizable community of young men and women who do not belong to the so-called happy country of The United Arab Emirates or UAE.Why We Do Not BelongA young man named Mamour has dark eyes, shiny black hair and an affectionate smile. … [Read more...]

Undocumented Children Are Prime Terrorist Recruits

Earlier this year, I spent some time with experts working in Lebanon who track ISIS recruitment of children. Given the sensitivity of their work, their names are not mentioned in this brief report, but their insights are worth sharing. Given a variety of factors, multiple sources believe that ISIS recruiting has steadily increased in Beirut. ISIS’s recruiting strategy in Lebanon leverages a … [Read more...]

A Youth Director Tells Me It’s Easy To Join ISIS

Ignorance is not a gift. On a trip to Colorado, in the pristine city of Denver, I discovered a community of Somali youth who did not know (or understand) Islam. One afternoon, I sat down with Mahad, the youth director, to learn about his community, their concerns, and his practice of Islam. It is easy to join ISIS here. I nearly dropped my jaw. But I didn't react. I didn't want to show the … [Read more...]

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