The Pakistan I Thought I Knew: Part Three

A frequent traveler to Pakistan, I had always known and seen different variations of Islam. Those who choose the Sunni (orthodox) way. Those who adopt the history and traditions of the Shia. Or the Sufi, known as mystics and/or New Age-ers, of Islam. Even among these three broad groups, there are add-on practices and born-again preachers in Pakistan, who have redefined Islam--a religion revealed … [Read more...]

The Muslim Cowboy Finds a Way

Islam in America can be a struggle. I've known this as a child and continue to strive. But what about an all-American cowboy from Texas? I asked Ray Allen, an alias, for his insights. See my latest story published in Islamic Monthly. Ray Allen is an urban cowboy from Texas searching for answers about his new faith, Islam. This summer, Ray found a home for his dog, quit his job, sold his house, … [Read more...]

Minorities play a vital role in U.S. national security

Ten days ago, a sniper started shooting anyone in sight at the Navy Yard, which is across the street from my office. As police cars began to surround the area, Joint-Bolling  Air Force Base closed its gates. Surprisingly, I came to work at 6:00 am. Within hours of the breaking news, young U.S. Marines took their rifles and manned the doors of my building as I remained inside a secure vault-like … [Read more...]

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