Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Talks About Women’s Rights In A Recent Interview


In a recent interview, the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, says he is making key reforms which includes women’s rights. The interview, co-hosted by “CBS This Morning” and “60 Minutes” contributing correspondent Noah O’Donnell, talked to the Crown Prince about a number of key issues, including the detention of more than 200 princes, billionaires and prominent Saudi citizens.

The 32-year old Crown Prince was also asked about women’s rights, a subject that makes the royal family squeamish.

Are women equal to men?

The prince answered: “Absolutely. We are all human beings. There is no difference.” 

But is Saudi Arabia really open to change? 

Many analysts say no. The country continues to adhere to an ultra-conservative Islam even while the religious elite are being forced to question and ultimately change its age-old ruling that prohibits women from driving–a  campaign started by the outspoken Manal Sharif, the author of “Daring to Drive,” and other brave women like her. To be fair, women behind the wheel will help Saudi Arabia’s economy. Vision 2030 predicts that with more women driving, the economy will likely improve and at least 30 percent of Saudi women will join the workforce. 

Perhaps in time, more women will be allowed to vote and run in elections. That reform began in 2015 when women registered to vote for the first time.

The other important minority in the Kingdom are religious groups. Let’s not forget persecution against Shia imams, some of whom have been jailed or executed for demanding religious freedom which only deepens the regional sectarian crisis. 

If you missed his interview on 60 minutes, it’s worth watching. Click here.





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