A Muslim Artist Showcases Islam As a Peaceful, Loving Religion

A ceramic vase with an engraved verse from the Quran, Islam’s holy book.

A Muslim artist in New York city uses calligraphy, watercolor, ceramics and glass to showcase Islam’s rich history and artistic expression. Through art, Mohsin uses vivid colors to send a powerful message: Islam is a peaceful religion that values science, philosophy, and and the arts, of course.

“One of my goals in life is to be a bridge between various communities and societies,” he told me.

Mohsin lectures at different universities across America to educate the wider public on Islamic art. At Yale University, he talked about history and the philosophy of Islamic art and architecture. In the classroom, he showed students, faculty and visitors the techniques he used to write classical Arabic in different styles. 

“I use art to present a positive image of Islam and Muslims,” he said. 

The blue canvas say ‘Father, Mother’ which could also be read as ‘Mother, Father’ – it highlight the importance of parents in our lives. It also allows those who don’t have parents or have lost this protective shield (i.e. father or mother or both) to remember them.


With art, Mohsin believes that people can speak more openly. They can ask questions that they wouldn’t usually ask in another setting, such as what is the concept of being human in Islam?

Art provides an opportunity for a mutual communication and understanding in a peaceful setting that entwines culture and spirituality with intelligence and learning,” Mohsin told me.

This is an abstract painting depicting the word ‘al-insaan’ (the human being). The colors symbolically represent the colors of earth (green) and heavens (yellow for light). The movement of being human is vertical (upward or downward) but not horizontal.


Mohsin’s art is featured at different exhibits. 

To view his art and learn more about Mohsin, you can contact him via email: peaceful.mission@hotmail.com






















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