A Must Read Book By A Young Girl From Pakistan Who Gives Voice To Honor Killings

I Should Have Honor is a must read book by a young girl, Khalida Brohi, from rural Pakistan who gives voice to honor killings. So often, honor killings in Pakistan and in other Islamic countries take place in the name of male pride and/or religious fervor. It’s wrong. It’s wicked. And it’s still widely practiced. 

See her short video clip for a powerful message – We should all have honor, says Khalida.

Khalida Brohi from Pakistan is an activist against honor killings.

Khalida Brohi’s new book sheds light on honor killings. So few books on the subject are as personal and powerful as hers. What I love about Brohi’s book is that it’s a memoir–she shares a family secret. Her cousin was murdered in an honor killing by one of her uncles.

Honor killings happens everywhere. I have written about this and talk about it openly. And I know that honor killings take place outside of Pakistan. An earlier article I published highlights the stories of women killed in America. It also happens in Canada, the UK and other countries.

If you want to learn more, I recommend Brohi’s TED talk. In this talk, she says honor is everything in rural Pakistan. I can relate: I’m from Pakistan, too. And I have heard all this before. 

Here are her key points:

  • Honor matters to men. 
  • Girls bring shame to their male relatives.
  • It is honorable to exchange daughters as brides to resolve the conflict.
  • Honor killings restores a family’s honor.
  • One mistake by a girl can dishonor a father.
  • Dignity for a man is equal to his honor.
  • A girl’s freedom is tied to a father’s honor.

Khalida redefines honor in this simple, beautiful way: Honor is identity. Honor is serving those you love with integrity and hard work.

You can learn more about Khalida. Just click here. 




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