A Silent Prayer For the Victims

This past week’s horrific news is a reminder that people are suffering everywhere. To cope with extreme tragedy, I fasted for two days this week and offered a silent prayer for the victims. 

What do you do when a city suddenly erupts in flames in Beirut? Or an extreme lockdown is imposed across Kashmir? And what of the silent sufferers of COVID-19? Needless to say, there is not one news story that has captured the headlines this week. 

The plethora of horrific news and true stories that impact thousands of lives across the world in active conflicts–or conflicts at home–makes me realize that the only way to speak their truth is through a collection of articles. This week, the top five stories that bring conflicts centerstage are: 

  1. In Lebanon: a voice message from my friend Maya in Beirut made my heart skip a beat. She survived the blast that killed more than 135 people and wounded 5000. In a single moment, more than 300,000 people lost their homes.  (See live footage from Beirut below)

  2. On Kashmir: an extreme lockdown on the anniversary of August 5, 2019; so far, more than 100,00 people have lost their lives and many more are suffering. Here is the response from America (Read the Kashmiri Diaspora Statement August 62020)

  3. From Africa: my friend, Ambassador Prudence Bushnell, wrote a book about the 1998 U.S. bombings by Al Qaeda in Kenya and Tanzania. She was the U.S. Ambassador in Kenya when the bombs exploded and she survived. More than 200 people were killed in two truck bomb explosions. August 7th is the anniversary of that deadly day.

  4. Tropical Storm Isaias damaged homes all along the East Coast. The storm left a trail of floods and fires, causing people to live in fear and dread as their lives were threatened by nature.

  5. Indigenous women and their children are bearing a huge toll in COVID-19. Many have lost their income and their children suffer from poor access to sanitation, lack of clean water, and inadequate medical services. 


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From a Counterterrorism Expert

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