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Stories of survival, struggle and sacrifice have helped me appreciate, grow and understand women in war and the Muslim world in conflict. Today, there are thousands of stories of women (and men) living in or coming out of conflict–not all of these stories are heard. In my research of Kashmir, for example, I discovered stories of women whose faces are unseen, unknown and therefore, unfamiliar to the rest of the world. Which is why I had to tell their stories in Secrets of the Kashmir Valley.

But one story or a series of stories in one conflict is just the beginning. I was drawn, some say obsessed, with the question of why some Muslim women and girls kill in the name of a peaceful, loving religion. And so I began to write the most difficult book–it is personal, provocative, and packed with emotional stories of my life but most importantly, the lives of females who are victims or victimizers. You can read the book here.

Every time I listen to someone’s story, I have an opportunity to connect. I am whole again. The gift of storytelling can be moving, magical and mysterious too. If you wish to learn more and stay connected, join my reading community. 

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