Award-Winning Instructor

A Passionate and Purposeful Speaker

Farhana has developed and delivered curriculum and training for different audiences and classes. For her service as a senior instructor to the U.S. military, she received the 21st Century Leadership Award by The National Committee on American Foreign Policy in New York; and in 2016, she was presented the Woman of the Year Circle award by the National Association of Professional Women. She has received dozens of awards by national associations, local organizations and universities, including the Los Angeles Hospital for Children and the Humanitarian Award by her alma mater in Texas.

Currently, she continues to offer training to the U.S. military and is an Instructor at The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. 


Praise for Farhana’s teaching and speaking style:

“Farhana is amazing. I could listen to her for hours.”

“Ms. Qazi’s energy was contagious. It made it easy to learn.”

“Farhana is a dynamic speaker.”

“Farhana is an incredible instructor! The class content was spot on!”

“Thank you for taking on women’s issues and Islam.”

“Excellent foundation of knowledge.”

“She was highly informative and an entertaining subject matter expert. She presented the information in a clear and concise way.”

“Understanding Islam was most valuable. I think it’s nice to bring people back to reality that we aren’t fighting Islam and Muslims. We are fighting terrorism and the media has distorted the views.”

“Great dynamic and rapport of lead instructor Farhana.”

“Ms. Qazi was especially good as an instructor.”

“Farhana had a passion for what she was speaking about and it made me more interested. I’m so glad to learn about true Islam.”

“Fantastic instructor. Exceeded expectations on understanding Islam.”

“Great speaker. Great history lesson of Islam, its origin and how Islam came to be.”

“I especially enjoyed Farhana’s anecdotes and sharing of personal observations.”

“She did a great job of synthesizing all of the history of Islam and putting it into the context of our mission in the AFPAK region today.”

“I learned more than I knew before about Islam.”

“Islam was done well.”

“Very good explanation of Islam.”

“Excellent instructor. She gave very detailed information.”

“Farhana has caused me to review my pre-existing views of Islam.”

“Simply fascinating. The course on Islam really expanded my understanding and acceptance of Islam.”

“Enjoyed the quizzes on Islam. Kept my mind alert.”

“I learned more from Ms. Qazi’s class on Islam than I did in a semester in college.”

“She injected optimism and energy into the class and subject matter. Wonderful.”

“Farhana did a great job. She’s a very good teacher.”

“Excellent presentation.”

“Great introduction to Pakistan. Farhana is an amazing speaker, and we are lucky to have her.”

“Farhana did an excellent job of showing us the social customs of Pakistan.”

“Great to hear Farhana’s personal perspectives and experiences. Farhana is a great speaker.”

“Farhana was outstanding. She is an excellent speaker.”

“Certainly appreciate the Pakistani!”

“I think what was covered on Pakistan was perfect.”

“Farhana was excellent. She is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. Perfect mix of information and personal experience.”

“Very animated detailed discussion of Pakistan. I learned much.”

“Very engaging lecture on Pakistan. Animated and highly competent lecturer gave excellent renditions of history of Pakistan.”

“Super duper class. Farhana hit the nail on the head and emphasized Pakistan society and the inter-dynamic of people.”

“My perception of Pakistan has been changed; I learned a lot about the country that I hadn’t previously known. Farhana was fantastic.”

“Learned a great deal from Farhana. Having an instructor who spent time in Pakistan adds a great deal of credibility.”

“Great class on Pakistan. One of the best.”

“Farhana did an excellent job. I wouldn’t change anything!”

“Very engaging instructor. She explained Pakistan in a very easy way to understand and follow.”

“I had a great time in this class.”

“Farhana was extremely knowledgeable. Classes were effective because of first-hand experience.”

“Excellent. She really peaked my interest in Pakistan.”

“Very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and colorful speaker.”

“Very good. Farhana dancing was a treat!”

“Outstanding. Appreciate the insights of the instructor.”

“Farhana is very knowledgeable and open to all questions and comments. She is very interesting to listen to.”

“Farhana’s passion for Pakistan was very enlightening. Her cultural knowledge being first-hand greatly enhances the credibility of this course.”

“She made sense of very complicated politics in Pakistan.”

“Very insightful. I was basically clueless of Pakistan until this course.”

“Awesome. A good comprehensive overview of Pakistan.”

“I will be better able to understand what is going on in Pakistan and can better contextualize political developments.”

“I will use my newfound knowledge when evaluating Pakistan.”

“Great introduction to Pakistan. Engaging and lively dialogue throughout.”

“Smooth presentation.”

“Very balanced view and unbiased.”

“Great class. Farhana explained the complexity of the region well.”

“Having Farhana here to teach the Pakistan section makes a HUGE impact. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about hwat we learned. An insider’s view is priceless. Keep her and definitely bring her back!

“Farhana has great enthusiasm. Wonderful to interact with and great at teaching., Answers and entertains all of our questions. Thank you.”

“Very in-depth presentation of the history of Pakistan.”

“Farhana is extremely energetic…loved the dancing.”

“I didn’t have much background on Pakistan. So I learned a lot; instructor had great energy and was very knowledgeable.”

“An excellent overview of Pakistan. The highlights were the fact that the instructor lived and worked in the region, which gave a very unique and detailed block of instruction.”

“Really appreciate Farhana bringing in the Punjabi snacks and making chai tea. Very generous of her.”

“Farhana’s Pakistani culture day with chai and food samples was fantastic!”

“Farhana, as a native to the areas we are studying, was invaluable.”

“Being a female, having a female teacher was really nice.”

“Excellent. Understanding Islam helped me more than any other block of information I have received in my five and a half years of military experience. This is in my opinion the result of the experience of the instructor.”

“Having an instructor who was Muslim and from another country [Pakistan] was a source of great information.”

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