The Kashmir Valley in Pictures: Download Your Free Look Book

One of the world’s most militarized zones is stunningly beautiful–a place most people will never visit–which is why I created a free look book or the “Kashmir Valley in Pictures” so that you can see pristine landscapes and passionate people. Even women scarred from the local, protracted violent conflict are heartwarming and live with hope. I have been lecturing on Kashmir for decades. My recent lecture highlights the role of women in the conflict and why they matter.

Women believe freedom will come. One day.

This is why female protestors, young and old, take to the streets to call for freedom. 

What do we want? Azaadi! (Freedom) What do we need? Azaadi! Kashmir belongs to us!

I used this chant when I gave a lecture in upstate New York. In front of 3,000 people, I presented the hard truth about the conflict in Kashmir, which is:

  • Women are tortured, tormented, and traumatized by the conflict. These emotional, and sometimes physical, scars can last a lifetime.
  • Women are victims, too. Though most men are jailed and/or captured–some just disappear–women are pained by the loss of a male family member.
  • Women are determined and dedicated to change the conflict. They march. They mobilize and meet other women–some are political activists. Long ago, I met the women known as Prisoner #100 when she was falsely accused of terrorism and spent five years in a torture chamber. I went to her home six months after her release from prison. You can read her story here. 
  • Women live with hope, despite the ugliness and brutality of a long conflict. They continue to believe that the international community will pressure India and Pakistan to reach a peaceful, political settlement. Some women tell me they have faith in their own local leaders. Their hope is a beacon of light.

I published my first book on Kashmir and I’m updating it as I write this. The 3rd edition of the Kashmir book will be available in 2019. More details soon.

Discover the beauty of Kashmir with my own photographs in this free look book that you can download. 

Click Here To Download the Look Book on Kashmir

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