What Does Islam Say About Mercy?


One of the most meaningful messages I have received from Muslim scholars is the concept of God’s mercy and His forgiveness. There are numerous words in Arabic for mercy, although two words that appear frequently in the Quran are: Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, which mean “The Most Gracious” and “The Most Merciful.”

In my line of work, as a Muslim woman countering violent extremism, I explain that there is no mercy in the hearts of violent extremists. Because they are merciless, they are void of faith and continue to misinterpret a great religion. 

Violent extremists have misread Islam and their self-righteousness is haram or forbidden. There is no excuse for their arrogance, contempt, and violence. No Muslim has the right to judge and view others as enemies. No Muslim has the right to be merciless.

The lack of mercy and tolerance practiced and preached by some Muslims is the reason for the gradual spiritual decline in the Muslim world, say several scholars, who call on Muslims to return to the principles of love and compassion for everyone. Because each person has a soul, according to the respected Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

Mercy is one of the most important spiritual pillars of faith. His Mercy is infinite. 


Click here for a great article by Dr. William C. Chittick on “The Islamic Notion of Mercy” in the HuffPost.


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