Farhana Qazi



From an award-winning instructor and international public speaker: the path to understanding extreme female violence and the true practice of Islam.

American scholar Farhana Qazi uses storytelling and twenty years of research on conflicts in the Muslim world to understand extremist women and the misinterpretations of Islam. In this gripping and informative book, Qazi offers answers and hope for the future. She draws on her background as a pioneering counterterrorism professional and a devout Muslim to offer an insider’s view of what drives girls and women to join violent movements, and identifies what America and the world community can do to keep them from making this terrible choice. Through her counterterrorism work, she discovers the true practice of Islam and believes that the principles of love, mercy, and inclusion are absent from the hateful messages used by extremists.

Here is the book that reframes the story so readers can see female extremists as they are—ordinary girls and women motivated by their own experience of oppression or manipulated by other radical men and women. The untold story of female victims and victimizers is important to understand and recognize if the world hopes to prevent the expansion of this threat. With soulful spirituality, Qazi finds new ways to address this unpredictable phenomenon and answers the deeper questions about Islam.


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Praise for Invisible Martyrs

“This is an extraordinary book, written by an extraordinary woman. Qazi is a master storyteller, capturing the emotion as well as the subtleties of what she wants to communicate…”

— Retailing Insight Magazine

Farhana Qazi
Award-winning Instructor,
American Scholar, and Author

Farhana is the first American Muslim woman to join the U.S. government’s Counter Terrorism Center. She has spent the past twenty years as an educator and studies conflicts, women in war, and the true practice of Islam. She has given hundreds of lectures and training sessions to raise awareness and promotes understanding at home and abroad.

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