Why Write About Kashmir?

Since the release of my new books on the Kashmir valley, I have been asked repeatedly: Why write about Kashmir? While the answer is obvious to me, it is not so obvious to those who view Kashmir as a distant and distinct conflict. Questions from recent interviews with various podcasts are included below. Kashmir Is Changing Writing about Kashmir now is critical. An entire year of lockdown and the … [Read more...]

Where Are the Women?

Where are the women in conflict? What roles do women play? Are their experiences any different than men? These are the questions that guide my teaching and research. In the classroom, I begin with a simple statement: Kashmir is a gendered war. In fact, most conflicts are gendered. Which means that women's roles and responsibilities in times of war can differ from that of men and other … [Read more...]

When Girls Become Boys, a Study of Bacha Posh in Afghanistan

Bacha posh, translated as “dressed as a boy” in Persian, is a prevalent gendered practice that allows young girls to disguise themselves as boys in the absence of male figures in the home in Afghanistan. This post analyzes the lives of bacha poshs as well as dissect how the practice disproportionately contributes to a potential gender dysphoria movement involving young girls and … [Read more...]

The Killing of Women in the Jeju 4-3 Incident

Guest writer Hyun Soo from South Korea shares a gripping story of the killing of women in the Jeju 4-3 incident.  Background The Jeju 4·3 incident is a massacre that took place from 1948 to 1951 in Jeju island, located at the far south of the Republic of Korea (ROK). The ideological conflict between the communists and the capitalists sparked off the communists’ protests against the US Military … [Read more...]

The Struggle for Female Azadi in Pakistan

This guest post is written by young scholar and human rights activist, Naya Ahmed on the struggle of female azadi in Pakistan.  Brief Background Today, as the 215+ million Pakistanis celebrate 73 years of independence from the British colonials, it is important to remember there are some living under Pakistani administration who do not enjoy full azadi (Persian/Urdu for freedom); they are the … [Read more...]

A Silent Prayer For the Victims

This past week's horrific news is a reminder that people are suffering everywhere. To cope with extreme tragedy, I fasted for two days this week and offered a silent prayer for the victims.  What do you do when a city suddenly erupts in flames in Beirut? Or an extreme lockdown is imposed across Kashmir? And what of the silent sufferers of COVID-19? Needless to say, there is not one news story … [Read more...]

How Many People Have To Die?

In a recent TV interview, I was asked this horrible question: How many people have to die before the world community acts? What is the number of dead that leads to global action? In the past 30 years, at least 100,000 people have died in the Kashmir conflict. In other conflicts around the world, there are often more dead civilians than any  other group, including violent non-state actors (VNSA). … [Read more...]

You Can Not Silence A People Forever

In a recent TV interview, I told the host "You can not silence a people forever," and the day will come when the people of Kashmir will rise up. The chronic social suffering of an entire population--eight million people imprisoned by occupation--is a human rights violation. What makes this situation so intolerable is the ongoing statement by the Indian State that militants are on the rise and … [Read more...]

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